Grumpy and the Chateaubriand; part II

You do remember where we left the story last week, don’t you? A group of eager American tourists looking for somewhere to have dinner had just burst into Grumpy’s empty dining room.Technically, the dining room was still open. Grumpy slid off the bar stool, adjusted his bowtie, and turned instantly into the consummate host. Seating his unexpected guests, and quietly barking orders at the disappointed staff who saw an early night turning into a late one, he handed out menus, ... Read more →

Grumpy and the Chateaubriand; part I


Winston and the fire warden; part II

You’ll remember we had just discovered Winston in Clive’s room. I had come up with a cunning plan to retrieve the troublesome escapee threatening Tom-Tom’s career, and was about to reveal my brainwave to her.‘You’re the fire warden-right?’ I asked.‘I am,’ said Tom-Tom.‘Get your helmet and a blanket. I’ll give Clive a call. We’ll meet in my room. Hurry!’ I picked up the phone and called Clive. ‘It’s Gabriel, Clive. Don’t hang up!’ I said. ‘I know you’re in conference, but ... Read more →

Winston and the fire warden; part I

 To have your case adjourned on Monday morning after having worked through the entire weekend with little or no sleep, is every barrister’s nightmare. Sadly, that was exactly what had happened to me on that occasion. I was staring down the barrel of a week without work. Bugger! Disappointed, I walked back to my chambers.When I opened the door to my room, I noticed that the small portable TV which I kept on top of my drinks cabinet to watch ... Read more →

Charlotte (now referred to as Tom-Tom) and the Brothers Grimm; part II

Well, here’s the rest of the story. As you will remember, Tom-Tom and I were sipping champagne in the little bistro down the road from my chambers. She had promised to tell me all about the Brothers Grimm. I had just refilled her glass and was waiting for her to begin. Tom-Tom looked at me for a while, no doubt to let the tension grow, and then put down her glass.‘Once upon a time, there were these three friends,’ she ... Read more →
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