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Professor K and the Stolen Recipes of Suleiman; Journey of the Book” 3


Palmer Innovation Prize for 2017

I thought you might find this article interesting. I have a long association with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney. In fact, my book, The Hidden Genes of Professor K, was inspired by the talented scientists working there. Without their help and guidance, the book would not have come to fruition, nor would I have mastered the complex science featured in the storyline.But that's not all! The book I'm working on at the moment - Professor K and ... Read more →

Readers’ Favorite Review of The Hidden Genes of Professor K

5 Star Review of 'The Hidden Genes of Professor K' from Readers' Favorite Read more →

Professor K and the Stolen Recipes of Suleiman; “Journey of the Book” 2

Professor K and the Stolen Recipes of Suleiman“JOURNEY of the BOOK” 2In my previous blog I told you about an extraordinary event that occurred in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul on 16 January 1595, the night the sultan, Murad III died. You will remember that it was the story behind this shocking event that inspired the writing of the book.It would appear that this gripping saga has affected you just as it has affected me, and the many comments and ... Read more →

Book Of The Day: The Hidden Genes of Professor K

Exciting stuff, my friends. ‘The Hidden Genes of Professor K’ was selected as’Book of the Day’ on Ereader News Today website at this link: was also pinned on their Facebook page Read more →
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