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Palmer Innovation Prize for 2017

I thought you might find this article interesting. I have a long association with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney. In fact, my book, The Hidden Genes of Professor K, was inspired by the talented scientists working there. Without their help and guidance, the book would not have come to fruition, nor would I have mastered the complex science featured in the storyline.But that's not all! The book I'm working on at the moment - Professor K and ... Read more →

Life after The Hidden Genes of Professor K

Life after The Hidden Genes of Professor K…Firstly, a big ‘thank you’ to all my readers for their encouragement and support, comments and wonderful reviews since the release of the book late last year.The greatest sense of satisfaction a writer can strive for is positive feedback. Well, my friends, I’m delighted to tell you that not only has The Hidden Genes of Professor K been well received – especially in the US, Europe and Australia – but it appears to ... Read more →


 The woodcutter, the bear, and the king I’m often asked: “what’s the meaning of that crest on the cover of your books?” Well, it’s my family crest, and it has quite a history. Let me tell you about it.The exact year has been lost, but it was around the 1460s. Hungary was a wild and dangerous place in the 15th century. Matthias Corvinus – Hungary’s young king – was in a lot of trouble; his kingdom was under attack. The Turks ... Read more →

The Forgotten Painting; a FREE Novella

To reward my loyal readers for their encouragement and support and to answer some of the many questions about the Jack Rogan Mysteries, I decided to write a short novella to explain where it all began, and give it away for FREE.You can find out more about how this came about in the Author’s Note and the Foreword. However, before you do, a little explanation is in order.Firstly, this is a Novella, and not one of my thrillers you are ... Read more →

The Hidden Genes of Professor K; Chapter 3

Jack Rogan looked at the army of waiting drivers holding up signs and was trying to find one with his name on it. Having experienced hair-raising trips to the Kuragin Chateau from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport in the past, he had taken his publicist’s advice and arranged a hire car to take him there this time.Don’t be silly, Jack, you’re a celebrity now, he remembered Rebecca Armstrong tell him sternly. You can afford it; trust me.Remembering Rebecca’s words brought a ... Read more →
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