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This collection of short stories was inspired by my popular blog on my website, and provides a glimpse into my world, and the creative process that shapes my work.

What you always wanted to know … Step into the attic where the Jack Rogan Mysteries were conceived and created, and discover the intriguing world of the best selling and multi award-winning historical thriller writer.

As a young boy, Gabriel Farago was given the key to his grandfather’s attic. This magical place opened a world of literature, music and history to the inquisitive boy. Gabriel spent many hours in the attic listening to his grandfather’s records, reading his books, and trying to unravel his cryptic journals which many years later inspired the writing of The Empress Holds The Key, the first book in the Jack Rogan Mysteries series.

What goes on in the mind of a thriller writer? Where do authors draw their inspiration from? Becoming a writer doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is a journey in itself that provides the material for the stories, and the rich tapestry of characters and settings that bring those stories so vividly to life.

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