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The Fortune of War, and a haunted hotel

My regular Once-Upon-A-Friday blog was ready to go – honest – when something unexpected happened: a good friend of mine bought a pub and a haunted hotel. So? Well, to begin with, the pub isn’t just any pub. It’s the famous Fortune of War in the historic Rocks precinct right on Sydney harbour! Its Australia’s oldest pub; an icon.  And the hotel next door isn’t just a hotel either. It’s the Russell, another Sydney icon, and one of the top ... Read more →

Neptune and the “Bombe Alaska;” part II

Well, here it is at last; part II as promised. Once again, sorry for the delay.There’s only one word to describe sailing out of  Sydney Harbour at sunset; spectacular! Whilst the passengers lining the decks outside watched the HarbourBridge and the Opera House glide past, I was preparing my new workstation in the splendid dining room. Grumpy had given me an excellent table of well-heeled VIPs to look a after.He ruled his domain like an emperor. Barking orders in all directions, ... Read more →

Farewell to New Zealand; editing in paradise comes to an end.

Once upon a Friday Blog is late …Sorry. A little cyber glitch in New Zealand. Also, I have to disappoint you about Neptune and the Bombe Alaska; part II. It will have to wait until NEXT Friday, but I’ll make it up to you; I promise!After 16 wonderful days, the Editing in Paradise adventure is coming to an end. It’s time to leave New Zealand.I will leave you with a few images of this wonderful country. Inspired and refreshed, I’m ... Read more →

A glimpse into the realm of Hobbits, Wizards and Orcs …

Where is Part II of Neptune And The Bombe Alaska, I hear you say. Well, I have to apologise. It isn’t quite finished yet . The trip to New Zealand got in the way. However,  Part II will follow soon; I promise!This week’s  Once upon a Friday story will be a little different. I will  tell you a story through pictures. I’m taking a short break from editing the Empress Holds The Key  which will be published later this year.There ... Read more →
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