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Your next great reading adventure awaits within the pages of the Jack Rogan Mysteries. As a special introduction, we’re delighted to offer the free Jack Rogan Mysteries Literary Companion, a unique guide to an enthralling series that has captured the hearts of thousands. Authored by the celebrated USA TODAY Bestselling writer Gabriel Farago, this series is a treasure trove of intrigue, history, and unforgettable narratives.

Picture yourself unravelling complex mysteries that bridge the past and present, immersing in tales that are as intellectually stimulating as they are emotionally engaging. With its intricate plots and deep historical connections, this series, boasting a 4.5+ star rating, promises to transport you to a world of thrilling escapades.

The Literary Companion is your key to unlocking these adventures. It offers an exclusive glimpse into the creative genius behind the mysteries, introduces you to a rich array of characters, and provides historical context that enriches each story.

Embark on an exploration of mystery and history. Claim your free copy of the Literary Companion now and start your journey into the captivating world of Jack Rogan.

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Meet the Author
Gabriel Farago

Meet the Author 1800 x 2700 7

Step into the attic where The Jack Rogan Mysteries Series were conceived and created, and discover the intriguing world of the USA TODAY bestselling and multi-award-winning historical thriller writer.
What goes on in the mind of a thriller writer? Where do authors draw their inspiration from? Becoming a writer doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is a journey in itself, which provides the material for the stories, and the rich tapestry of characters and settings that bring those stories so vividly to life.

The Jack Rogan Mysteries
Heroes & Villains


Dive into the thrilling world of The Jack Rogan Mysteries Heroes and Villains, where you’ll meet the unforgettable characters that drive the heart-pounding action of the Jack Rogan series. From cunning villains lurking in the shadows to courageous heroes fighting for justice, this publication offers an in-depth look at the complex figures who make Jack Rogan’s adventures irresistibly compelling. Perfect for fans and newcomers alike, explore the intricate backstories, motives, and relationships that set the stage for epic battles between good and evil.

The Empress Holds the Key
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 1

TEHTK main Characters 1800 x 2700 1
Behind the Scenes of THE EMPRESS HOLDS THE KEY 5

The Disappearance of Anna Popov
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 2

Behind the Scenes of ANNA POPOV 1

The Hidden Genes of Professor K
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 3

Behind the Scenes of THE HIDDEN GENES 1

Professor K: The Final Quest
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 4

Behind the Scenes of THE FINAL QUEST 1

The Curious Case of the Missing Head
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 5

Behind the Scenes of MISSING HEAD 1

The Lost Symphony
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 6

Behind the Scenes of THE LOST SYMPHONY 1

The Death Mask Murders
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 7

Behind the Scenes of DEATH MASK 1

The Stolen Altarpiece
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 8

The Stolen Altarpiece Main Characters - EBook Cover
The Stolen Altarpiece Behind the Scenes - EBook Cover

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Here's what readers are saying about
The Jack Rogan Mysteries Literary Companion


“If you have had the distinct pleasure of reading just one of Gabriel Farago’s books, then you already know the level at which he researches each of his books, crafts his characters, and the masterful way he weaves fact and fiction together.  He is not your typical author!

Mr Farago has taken many steps more to share his real-life experiences, and his creative process in creating a guide – a literary companion, all for the benefit of his readers. One gets the sense of the awakening artist as he shares his literary brush strokes throughout this companion piece.  

As a reader of all of Farago’s books written about the Jack Rogan’s mysteries, I found this Literary Companion a wonderful adjunct.  There have been numerous times I have thought I recognized a character from a previous book but couldn’t recall exactly why he or she would fit into the new story.  An enormous thank you to Gabriel Farago for this literary companion, and for the great value he places on us, the readers!” 

~Reviewed by Roxy L.


“This book is unlike any I have read.

As a companion meant to enhance our reading of whichever of Farago’s book we are reading, have read, or want to read, it is that and more.

Farago also introduces himself to us through his experiences, some of which are laugh-out-loud moments.

In the sections dealing with specific books the reader’s enjoyment is amplified through the discovery of each individual setting, and by having each character’s origins and profiles explained.

To any reader or want to be reader of Farago’s stories, I would very much recommend this Literary Companion.”

~Reviewed by Fritzi R.


“Gabriel has crafted a very compelling literary companion for readers of any of the Jack Rogan mysteries. One particularly intriguing section is devoted to the villains of the stories. 

Gabriel Farago writes:

“All of my villains are very different. Because each of the books in the Jack Rogan Mysteries series ‘stands alone’ and can be read as such, each story is self-contained; the villains rarely ‘carry over.’” Of one of his villains he wrote “But his eyes never smiled. They observed, radiating ruthlessness, cunning and danger.” What a delicious impression!

When reading the literary companion, one almost feels as though Farago is sitting close by commenting to a friend about how he crafts his novels: “Once again, I reveal this character step by step, to create curiosity, and show the different, fascinating aspects of this complex man. One of the most effective ways to do this is to present the character through the eyes of someone else, preferably someone who is meeting this character for the first time.” 

One could be forgiven for suspecting psychological manipulation of readers when GF explains: “Mystery and suspense are very effective ways to arouse curiosity, and curiosity, by definition, is the desire to find out more. In short, curiosity makes the reader turn the pages.” But he does this so well we are moved to forgive and to enjoy the whole experience.

In short, I can warmly recommend this book for readers who enjoy the Jack Rogan experience.”

~Reviewed by Keith R.


“This companion to the Jack Rogan series of books is an excellent addition to the series. I learnt how much research goes into the books – I knew it must be a lot but didn’t realise how much and this has increased my respect for Gabriel. The book shows just how committed Gabriel is to factual accuracy. It was also interesting how he revealed more and more about himself following his own mantra of doing this for his characters in the books.

If you are not interested in reading all the introductory information the index allows you to dive straight in for information relating to a particular book and also to jump to the various sections in the narrative about a book. This feature I found useful when skipping through the companion to find a particular thing that I had read. Also, I found that because the information is collected together it gelled with me more than when it appeared in the individual books.

The write-up on the research done in St Petersburg probably resonated the most with me since I too have visited some of the places that Gabriel visited. Having visited the gardens of the Peterhof Palace, I could well imagine him sitting in a quiet corner taking in the splendour of the place while making notes in his notebook.”

~Reviewed by Paul Bennington

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