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Your next great reading adventure awaits within the pages of the Jack Rogan Mysteries. As a special introduction, we’re delighted to offer the free Jack Rogan Mysteries Literary Companion, a unique guide to an enthralling series that has captured the hearts of thousands. Authored by the celebrated USA TODAY Bestselling writer Gabriel Farago, this series is a treasure trove of intrigue, history, and unforgettable narratives.

Picture yourself unravelling complex mysteries that bridge the past and present, immersing in tales that are as intellectually stimulating as they are emotionally engaging. With its intricate plots and deep historical connections, this series, boasting a 4.5+ star rating, promises to transport you to a world of thrilling escapades.

The Literary Companion is your key to unlocking these adventures. It offers an exclusive glimpse into the creative genius behind the mysteries, introduces you to a rich array of characters, and provides historical context that enriches each story.

Embark on an exploration of mystery and history. Claim your free copy of the Literary Companion now and start your journey into the captivating world of Jack Rogan.

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Meet the Author
Gabriel Farago

Meet the Author 1800 x 2700 7

Meet the Author

Gabriel Farago

Step into the attic where The Jack Rogan Mysteries Series were conceived and created, and discover the intriguing world of the USA TODAY bestselling and multi-award-winning historical thriller writer.
What goes on in the mind of a thriller writer? Where do authors draw their inspiration from? Becoming a writer doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is a journey in itself, which provides the material for the stories, and the rich tapestry of characters and settings that bring those stories so vividly to life.

The Empress Holds the Key
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 1

The Disappearance of Anna Popov
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 2

Behind the Scenes of ANNA POPOV 1

The Hidden Genes of Professor K
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 3

Behind the Scenes of THE HIDDEN GENES 1

Professor K: The Final Quest
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 4

Behind the Scenes of THE FINAL QUEST 1

The Curious Case of the Missing Head
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 5

Behind the Scenes of MISSING HEAD 1

The Lost Symphony
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 6

Behind the Scenes of THE LOST SYMPHONY 1

The Death Mask Murders
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 7

Behind the Scenes of DEATH MASK 1

The Stolen Altarpiece
Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 8

The Stolen Altarpiece Main Characters - EBook Cover
The Stolen Altarpiece Behind the Scenes - EBook Cover

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