A glimpse into the realm of Hobbits, Wizards and Orcs …


Where is Part II of Neptune And The Bombe Alaska, I hear you say. Well, I have to apologise. It isn’t quite finished yet . The trip to New Zealand got in the way. However,  Part II will follow soon; I promise!

This week’s  Once upon a Friday story will be a little different. I will  tell you a story through pictures. I’m taking a short break from editing the Empress Holds The Key  which will be published later this year.

There is no better way to clear away the cobwebs and to refresh the spirit than to visit one of your favourite places. For me, that’s New Zealand.



Into the rain forest!


For the next few days I will be hiking through the spectacular mountains of the South Island where many of the memorable scenes in Lord Of The Rings were filmed.  It is a truly magical place.

Here, judge for yourself. Enjoy!



SS Earnslaw taking us across Lake Wakatipu



Evening; Lake Te Anau, New Zealand. Approaching the realm of the Elves and Dwarfs.



Lake Te Anau; New Zealand