The Major and the photograph in the window

Ask any serious storyteller if he can remember the first story he told in public. I’m sure he can; most vividly. I certainly remember mine.It happened at school in Austria many years ago. I must have been about ten or eleven at the time. Before sending us home for the day, our teacher told us that we would all have to tell a little story to the class the next day. Instead of being intimidated by this, I was actually ... Read more →

Whatever happened to my Olivetti?

Like most writers, I have fond memories of my first typewriter. It was a portable Olivetti, the ant’s pants of its day at the cutting edge of technology. It looked great. Elegant and sleek with a shiny black case, it made you feel important. Learning to type was quite a challenge in those days. All trial and error using just two fingers, but it was exciting and a lot of fun. It was the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Who ... Read more →
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