Going It Alone


“Practical, helpful and easy to digest. The examples Gabriel gives are all very apt and give a great indication of how things can work effectively.”
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“Gabriel Farago has created an easy to read guide to self publishing. It’s not a reference book. It’s not an encyclopaedia. It’s not a step by step manual. It’s rather like sitting next to a close friend in front of a roaring fire on a cold day and listening to his personal stories and experiences during his own self publishing journey.”

“A valuable and insightful self publishing book!"

“I have enjoyed reading this book; Gabriel shared his honest experience as a self published author. It was an eye opener for me. The book explained the steps involved in self publishing for aspiring authors in a concise and simple way. It has also covered some marketing strategies to use on social media."

“Simple and concise, yet very informative. Gabriel explains what you need to know to self publish your book from his personal experience. A must read.”

"Going It Alone" is one of the most informative books on 'Self Publishing' I had the fortune to read. I could not put it down!”

“Gabriel has an easy, friendly style, but he's very wise, and he's very honest. Going it alone doesn't make you feel 'alone' at all. It's like having a trusted friend guide you through the often daunting and confusing journey that is self-publishing.”

Masterclass in Self-Publishing


Going It Alone: Why Just Writing Your Book is Not Enough. A Personal Guide to Self-Publishing.

Becoming a self-published author doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is a journey of discovery, with highs and lows, many challenges – sometimes disappointments – but also triumphs and success.

Self-published international thriller author, Gabriel Farago, shares his journey to demystify self-publishing, and provides a practical guide to help you understand this complex, and often misunderstood subject.

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Part I: Climbing ‘Mount Publish’:

Developing your book for release


Let’s begin … Climbing that mountain

Your masterpiece is finished, you’ve approached countless publishing houses and submitted your manuscript for consideration. One after another, the crushing rejection letters keep rolling in. Routine two-liners one and all with no reasons or feedback given. Your spirits sink. Then finally, a well-known publisher decides to have a closer look at it. ‘At last!’ you think, spirits soaring. However, the publisher procrastinates for months, demands countless changes and gives you the run-around—slowly extinguishing your spark of optimism—and finally rejects your manuscript without an explanation. Catastrophe! You’ve wasted a year! ‘Where to from here?’ you ask timidly, despondently.

Sound familiar?

Once you dust yourself off and pick up the pieces, you begin to face the obvious question: ‘What now?’

Well, I was there. I know what it feels like and, like you, I stood up, looked around and began to consider my options. I can still remember that watershed moment; most vividly.

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