Murder on the Ghan

Murder on the Ghan

“the seamless blending of fact and fiction, the flawless melding of incredible imagination with historical reality and the vivid imagery all wrapped up in a smooth-flowing narrative will provide a sublime reading experience to all fans of this genre.
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“Action, adventure, romance and a glimpse of the Aborigine’s culture provide a memorable story.”

“This is an excellent addition to the Jack Rogan series, and even though it is called a novella, it is a wonderful tale not to be missed.”

“Edge of your seat mystery and adventure with a lot of good-natured ribbing and fun to put the spice on top. Great read.”

"Beautifully crafted and diverse characters are woven into a story line that delivers action and thrills from start to finish."

“Another electrifying adventure with Jack Rogan.”

“I love the characters and the way the author blends the story into Australian history and geographical locations to lend the plot an element of authenticity”

“Reading an enthralling book with vibrant characters and also learning is a great combo - something Mr. Farago is famous for doing. ”

“Murder on the Ghanaian, better than Agatha.”

“This is a wonderful novella. It has all of the familiar Jack Rogan features: friendship, treachery, excitement, adventure, romance and it beautifully describes the wonderful scenery of the Australian outback. And, as an added bonus, a touch of the supernatural. Just wonderful.”

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Murder on the Ghan (A Jack Rogan Mysteries Novella)

A cursed opal; an iconic Australian rail journey; one fatal adventure

In the heart of the Australian Outback lurks a cursed opal, the centrepiece of Murder on the Ghan, a novella that ensnares you in a vortex of desire, peril, and relentless suspense. Join Jack Rogan, a charismatic journalist, and Sophie Ritter, a talented conductor, as their journey to showcase the raw beauty of Australia descends into a perilous quest. Their mission to aid an Aboriginal friend unearths an opal wrapped in ancient mystery, setting them against the Desert Raiders, a brutal bikie gang hell-bent on claiming the gem’s dark power.

As they traverse the legendary Ghan railway, Rogan and Ritter face a gauntlet of betrayal, violence, and murder. Ancient myths and modern greed collide, thrusting them into a deadly race against time. Murder on the Ghan is not just a journey; it’s a battle for survival, a test of resolve, and a chase for justice. Will the secrets of the Outback lead to their demise, or will they outwit the darkness that hunts them?

Dive into the suspense. Purchase Murder on the Ghan now and embark on an unforgettable adventure where destiny and danger meet in the vast, mysterious expanse of Australia.

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Alice Springs: the race

During the entire three-hour flight, Sophie had had her face pressed against the window like an excited child, taking in the stunning red, yellow and ochre colours of the Outback desert landscape gliding past below looking like something out of a National Geographic documentary. ‘I had no idea it would be this beautiful. And so different,’ she said, turning to Jack sitting next to her.

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet, kiddo. Wait till you see all this from the ground, especially the West MacDonnells.’ Jack pointed to an undulating, caterpillar-shaped mountain range in the distance. ‘That’s them over there. Stunning country with the oldest river in the world; the Finke River is thought to be more than three hundred million years old.’

Kiddo? What’s that?’

‘An Aussie term of endearment. After all, we’re about to land in the Outback. And where I’m about to take you, well, the lingo is going to be a little different. Better get used to it.’


‘Yep. The language. You’ll find that folk speak a little differently out here. Especially where we’re going’ ­– Jack looked at his watch –­ ‘straight from the airport. We’ll leave our luggage there and collect it later. If we do that, we should just make it.’

‘Are you going to tell me where we are going?’

‘No. It’s a surprise. You wanted adventure, remember?’


‘A little different from the concert hall?’

‘Sure is.’

‘That was the idea. Buckle up, we’re about to land.’


The first thing everyone seemed to notice on arrival at Alice Springs was the dry heat and intense glare that made lips crack and eyes water. The hot air baked the red earth, and the rugged hills in the distance shimmered like liquid glass in the midday sun as Jack and Sophie walked out of the terminal and caught a taxi.

The racetrack on the outskirts of Alice was just a short ride from the airport.

‘Here we are,’ said Jack. ‘This should be quite something.’

Sophie looked at the huge crowd walking towards what looked like some kind of showground with marquees, banners advertising beer, tents, and all kinds of vehicles and trailers, converted vintage buses and ancient caravans parked along the way. Somewhere in the distance, a band was playing country and western music.

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