Professor K: The Final Quest

“All of human behaviour is represented here, humanity, beauty, love and art as well as debased behaviour, with murder, greed, kidnapping, abuse and deadly gambling all appearing. All wrapped up in great writing which really pulls the reader along.”
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"Gabriel Farago's style is elegant and very pleasant to read. He gives the reader the exact portrait in any hard or crude situation. He has the sensibility and the touch to make us laugh, get angy, excited or shed some tears, both of joy and sadness, depending on the scene being read. Fiction and fact are impecably woven."

"Wow, what a roller coaster ride!!! "

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Professor K: The Final Quest (The Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 4)

A desperate plea from the Vatican. A kidnapped chef. An ambitious mob boss. One perilous game.

When Professor Alexandra Delacroix is called in to find a cure for the dying pope, she follows clues left by her mentor and friend, the late Professor K, which lead her on a breathtaking search through historical secrets, some of them deadly.

Her old friend Jack Rogan must step in to assist while also searching for kidnapped Top Chef Europe winner Lorenza da Baggio.

He joins forces with his young friend and gifted psychic, Tristan, a dedicated mafia hunting prosecutor, a fearless young police officer, and an enigmatic Egyptian detective on a perilous hunt for a notorious IS terrorist.

Together, they stand off with the head of a powerful Mafia family in Florence and uncover a network of corruption and heinous crimes reaching to the very top.

Will Rogan and his friends succeed in finding Lorenza and curing the pope, or will the dark forces swirling around them prevail in their sinister plots?

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Chapter 49

Just outside Florence: 7 June


Belmonte held up his hand to silence his spellbound audience like a conductor about to begin a performance, paused for effect, and then turned around to face Tristan standing behind him. ‘Remember what I told you,’ he whispered. ‘His gun isn’t loaded. Only yours will be; when I decide. Now go and play your part, and don’t disappoint me …’ Nazir stood on the other side of the altar, glassy-eyed like a zombie and pumped full of drugs. Belmonte knew he would do exactly as he had been told.

Ars Moriendi needed a loser; everyone was expecting it and all the betting depended on it. Someone had to die, but it couldn’t be Tristan. The kidnapping strategy needed him; alive. To ensure that Tristan remained unharmed and survived the evening, Belmonte had come up with an ingenious way to rig the game.

Readers' Favorite Review of Professor K: The Final Quest

Professor K: The Final Quest by Gabriel Farago is a stand-alone thriller and part of the Jack Rogan Mysteries Series. Dr. Alexandra Delacroix, Nobel Laureate, wants to continue the work on genome-editing pursued by the late Professor Kozakievicz. She has a God-given opportunity when the Vatican requests her help to save the Pope who is dying of an auto-immune disease. It is imperative that he remains alive to enable the conclusion of a crucial peace process. However, the secret to unlocking his disease is hidden away deep in time. The story transports us back in history to the Ottoman Empire and the work of another physician who is inextricably linked to the modern-day da Baggio family. Lorenza da Baggio wins Top Chef Europe, but she barely has time to celebrate her success before she is kidnapped and drawn into a sinister game played by the mafia.

Gabriel Farago writes effortlessly to present an absorbing and intriguing modern-day thriller steeped in the rich history of Italy. I was impressed with the many complex threads which were expertly interwoven and brought together to form a very satisfying finale to the book. I loved the wonderful descriptions of Venice, including the art and the buildings, all of which lent a real depth to the storyline. The dialogue was expertly written and spoken by a dazzling array of very charismatic characters including the rather unpredictable and dangerous Jack Rogan. Professor K: The Final Quest is a literary delight brimfull of culture, politics, terrorism, the mafia, and medicine. I can’t fault it. Superb!

~ Reviewed by Amanda Rofe for Readers’ Favorite

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