The Curious Case Of The Missing Head


“An outstanding thriller that was very well written and had a great cast of complex realistic characters. The book was well researched and included excellent multiple locations. Contained an excellent storyline with non-stop excitement, plenty of action, and lots of.”
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"I found myself reading late into the night in anticipation of coming to that final surprise. I wasn't disappointed and neither should you be."

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"Farago is a master storyteller who weaves history, medical science, geography, and adventure into marvelous tales."

"The masterful blend of fact and fiction used to weave this thrilling story will have you wondering what has been taken from real life and what is the product of the author’s gifted imagination. "

"Medical science meets a mathematical genius on board a ship."

"Good tale that walks the edge between fact and fiction. Good characters moving fast through a world of suspense, crime, technology and the latest in science."

The dialog is clear and so real to life it is as thought this reader was in the room with the speakers as I was reading along."

"Wow! What a read! This book has it all: suspense, romance, intrigue, humor, murder, kidnapping. "

"There is a lot of cutting edge science, which is explained in an entertaining manner."

"Suspenseful with many twists and turns and moments when you think all is lost, it combines the Mafia, CIA MI5 and Jack and his friends on a voyage involving the latest cosmological science and medical procedures."


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The Curious Case of the Missing Head (Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 5)

Esteemed Australian journalist Jack Rogan is on a mission to solve the disappearance of his mother in the 70s. But when a friend needs help rescuing a kidnapped world-renowned astrophysicist, he doesn’t hesitate. Struggling with more questions than answers, his investigation leads them aboard a hellish hospital ship, where instead of finding the kidnap victim, he’s confronted with a decapitated corpse.

As the search intensifies, Jack bumps up against diabolical cartels with hidden agendas. And when his research reveals dubious experiments, a criminal on death row, and a shocking revelation about his mother’s fate, he must uncover how it’s all linked.

Can Jack unravel the twisted connections and catch the scientist’s killer, or will the next obituary published be his own?

The Curious Case of the Missing Head is the fifth standalone novel in the page-turning Jack Rogan Mysteries series. If you like meticulous theoretical science, exponentially increasing intensity, and astonishing surprises, then you’ll love Gabriel Farago’s hair-raising medical thriller.

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Chapter 13

London: 15 June, 1:00 pm


Partially concealed from the road, Teodora, Silvanus and Aladdin were sitting in a grey delivery van parked in a driveway with a clear view of the two ambulances stationed behind Westminster Abbey. The carefully chosen driveway was in a rare CCTV surveillance blind spot. Nearby, Nadia waited on a powerful motorbike, also with a clear view of the Abbey. Wearing black leathers and a black full-face helmet, it was impossible to recognise her. The others were also dressed in black leathers and had helmets at the ready that they could put on quickly to conceal their faces.

After walking out of Westminster Abbey just before the service began, Aladdin had made his way to the van to join the others. The fateful handshake with Stolzfus had started an unstoppable chain of events that was about to unfold, and time was racing. The point of no return had arrived. The next phase, the most critical and risky by far, required them all to work together in unison as there was little room for error. It all depended on speed and precision timing.

Aladdin had managed to climb unnoticed into the back of the van and immediately discarded his disguise. Father Alexopoulos became Aladdin again and he was ready to play his part in the ingenious and carefully crafted plan with many moving parts that would require improvisation and split-second decisions to deal with the unexpected. And they always had to count on the unexpected.

Each one of them was armed with a powerful Glock 18 – a semi-automatic machine pistol and the group’s preferred firearm, which they had obtained on the thriving black market through a trusted source in London. Reliable, safe, accurate. While Spiridon 4 always tried to avoid unnecessary violence because it could increase the risks, it was often unavoidable and became a necessary element of the assignment. For that reason, none of them shied away from violence as such, but used it carefully and always with a clear purpose in mind. Any casualties were viewed as collateral damage. ‘Shit happens,’ Teodora always reminded them; the important thing was not to choke on it.

Readers' Favorite Review of The Curious Case Of The Missing Head

The Curious Case of the Missing Head is a work of thriller fiction set in the medical sub-genre and was penned by author Gabriel Farago. This involved and cunning mystery is a standalone novel, but it also features as the fifth book in the Jack Rogan Mysteries series. In this particular adventure, the Australian journalist Jack Rogan finds himself derailed once again in the search for answers about the vanishing of his mother years ago. When a famous astrophysicist is kidnapped, Jack dives in headfirst to search and rescue, but when his exploits see him arrive at a horrifying hospital ship, things really take a turn for the worst.

Author Gabriel Farago knows how to make a good thriller tick, and the pacing of this quite long novel makes for a fast and furious read that will keep you turning its pages. The different obstacles and enemies which come into play in the novel are grounded in realistic roots, which makes them all the more dangerous and exciting to read about as Jack gets deeper into the mystery. Fans of detective fiction are sure to enjoy this capable hero for his intellect and sharp thinking in a crisis, but there’s also a generosity from the author to allow us to share in the investigation without everything being spoon-fed to us as we solve it. Overall, The Curious Case of the Missing Head is a heart-stopping adventure tale that is sure to become a favorite amongst fans of thriller and crime action books alike.

~Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

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