The Disappearance of Anna Popov

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“Mr Farago is a remarkable talent with a particular brilliance for storytelling. His use of the English language is very well thought out and his descriptive ability is nothing short of genius.
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"A simply superb read with an intense Australian authenticity. A diamond, not in the rough, but one sparkling with the brilliance of a truly intricate, mesmerising tale."

"Gripping Tale of Superstition, Fear, Love and Fast Paced Action"

"As always, Mr Farago weaves an amazing plot, suspenseful and enthralling. With great characters, an intriguing story, and first-rate writing, this is a must-read story"

" Mr Farago weaves the story lines and characters into a book that will keep you up all hours and cause your life to be put on hold until you finish the book"

"This is a fast paced, mesmerizing thriller that leaves the reader spinning in stunned shock as each chapter reveals more clues and twists. "

"One word....amazing! I loved this story! It has history, mystery, excitement, heart and soul all written down in this amazing story"

"Mr Farago is a remarkable talent with a particular brilliance for storytelling. His use of the English language is very well thought out and his descriptive ability is nothing short of genius."

"Characters are credible to the extent that I keep expecting Jack Rogan to show up in real life"

"This is book I would love to see turned into a movie"


The Global Book Awards
Psychological Mysteries - Thriller Category Winner

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The Disappearance of Anna Popov (The Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 2)

A mysterious disappearance. An outlaw bikie gang. One dangerous investigation.

Journalist Jack Rogan cannot resist a good mystery. When he stumbles across a hidden clue about the tragic disappearance of two girls from Alice Springs years earlier, he’s determined to investigate.

Joining forces with his New York literary agent, a retired Aboriginal police officer, and Cassandra, an enigmatic psychic, Rogan enters the dark and dangerous world of an outlaw bikie gang ruled by an evil master.

Entangled in a web of violence, superstition, and fear, Rogan and his friends follow the trail of the missing girls into the remote Dreamtime-wilderness of outback Australia where they face their greatest challenge yet.

Cassandra has a secret agenda of her own and uses her occult powers to conjure up an epic showdown where the stakes are high, and the loser faces death and oblivion.

Will Rogan succeed in finding the truth, or will the forces of evil prevail, causing untold misery and destroying even more lives? 

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Chapter 73


The Wizard reached the bottom of the stairs first and was about to turn right to check the strongroom under the crypt when something caught his eye.

The Bone Scraper sat in the Wizard’s chair at the round table, motionless and silent like a statue. Two of his men stood under the stairs, guns drawn, and the others were lurking in the shadows behind the stone pillars. The Wizard’s eyes darted around the room like the desperate eyes of a cornered animal searching for a way out.

‘Hello Eugene. Got my message?’ said the Bone Scraper. It was more of a statement than a question. ‘Ars moriendi – remember? Can’t say I didn’t put you on notice.’

‘How the fuck did you bastards get in?’ roared the Wizard.

‘What do you think? Back door of course. Great tunnel. Leaving it unprotected like that …very careless. Not like you at all.’

Readers' Favorite Review of The Disappearance of Ana Popov

The Disappearance of Anna Popov is a work of fiction in the psychological thriller and suspense subgenres, and it serves as the second installment of the Jack Rogan Mysteries series. It is aimed at the mature reading audience and was penned by author Gabriel Farago. The book follows Rogan after the accidental discovery of a clue about a pair of missing girls draws him into an investigation of a dangerous gang that has left a trail of tragedy in their wake all across the outback. With the aid of his agent and an occultist with her own agenda, Rogan’s only hope of survival is to find the truth.

This was a thriller that spun a deep web of mystery for its protagonists and readers to get lost in together, with twists in the tale timed flawlessly to shake up the narrative whenever we came too close to feeling overly secure in what we thought was happening. Author Gabriel Farago has created an exciting cast of characters for this mystery thriller, led once more by Jack Rogan, who has been dragged into this narrative by his own investigative instincts. Cassandra is an engaging addition to the team, sharing a dynamic with Rogan that adds a complex level to the plot as the two allies are unable to fully trust each other. Overall, The Disappearance of Anna Popov is a whirlwind of exciting prose that paints a gorgeous and dynamic picture of the Australian outback as a perfect backdrop to this dark and dangerous thriller. An exciting read that I’m happy to recommend to any reader.

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

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