The Empress Holds the Key

The Empress Holds the Key is the one book that will leave you thinking long after you turned the last page. It is not an easily forgotten book as its readers experience every emotion – fear, anger, shock and more!”
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“Suspenseful, intrigue with a mix of ancient conspiracies is the master piece of author Gabriel Farago's book, The Empress Holds the Key."

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“The Empress Holds the Key is a fascinating story that will have you biting your nails, sitting in awed shock and fist bumping as the action and suspense grows with each turning page.”

“The Empress Holds the Key is the one book that will leave you thinking long after you turned the last page. It is not an easily forgotten book as its readers experience every emotion – fear, anger, shock and more!"

“The character development is careful and deliberate revealing darkness and the depth of human souls.”

“Its no wonder Gabriel has won so many Awards for his historical amazing brilliantly written series! Every single one is fabulous!.”

“Farago is an awesome story teller."

“This book has it all. Templars, Egyptian pharaohs, murderous pursuers, terrorists, fanatics, Nazis and some very tenacious and dedicated historians, journalists, doctors, musicians, heroes, villians and police officers.”

“Don't start this book unless you've got a lot of time on your hands, because you won't want to put it down."


The Empress Holds the Key (The Jack Rogan Mysteries Book 1)

Dark secrets. A holy relic. An ancient quest reignited.

Jack Rogan’s discovery of a disturbing old photograph in the ashes of a rural Australian cottage draws the journalist into a dangerous hunt with the ultimate stakes.

The tangled web of clues—including hoards of Nazi gold, hidden Swiss bank accounts, and a long-forgotten mass grave— lead to a trial with shocking revelations.

A holy relic mysteriously erased from the pages of history is suddenly up for grabs to those willing to sacrifice everything to find it.

Rogan and his companions must follow historical leads through ancient Egypt to the Crusades and the Knights Templar to uncover a secret that could destroy the foundations of the Catholic Church and challenge the history of Christianity itself.

Will Rogan succeed in bringing the dark mystery into the light or will the powers desperately working against him ensure the ancient truths remain buried forever?

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Chapter 26


Sheikh Omar covered his face with his scarf and looked through the gap in the temple wall. Excellent, he thought. The late arrivals were being seated. Let the show begin!

A hush fell over the excited spectators, anticipation growing with every heartbeat.  Then, softly at first, Verdi’s stirring music began to rise up. Instead of a parting curtain, beams of coloured light washed over the stage. Slowly, the performers materialised out of the gloom and the spellbound audience began to clap and cheer.

The high priest, Ramfis, an Italian bass, was telling the Captain of the Guard, Radames, a famous American tenor, that the gods had already made their choice. Celeste Aida, the sublime aria, brought the house down.

‘I don’t like it,’ muttered Haddad, scanning the empty space under the TV transmission towers with his opera glasses. He was searching in vain for the security guards supposed to patrol that area.

‘But he was magnificent,’ protested Jana, applauding enthusiastically.

‘I’m not talking about the singing.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Gut feeling; you know how it is. After a while you see trouble brewing everywhere,’ replied Haddad quietly, without removing his glasses. ‘This place is one big trap and we are sitting right in the middle of it.’

Readers' Favorite Review of The Empess Holds the Key

The Empress Holds the Key begins in 1944 with the scene where two Jewish boys were taken and murdered by high-ranking Nazi officers. A picture of this gruesome event falls into the hands of Jack Rogan and this ignites a quest to identify and prosecute this war criminal… and something else… but nobody knows exactly what yet. Clue upon clue is uncovered as they go deeper into the mystery of the unknown officer in the picture, who carried a most strange violin. From Nazis to the Holocaust to Egypt, back to the legend of King Solomon and the Knights Templar, we are taken on this quest to find something that will not be clear until the last part of the story. A relic that could ruin Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church? Something the Templars protected and died for…

Gabriel Farago is a fine writer who can weave several story lines and make them come together in a satisfying conclusion. The history satisfied my fascination with forbidden and hidden knowledge. In The Empress Holds the Key, we are given clues and trivia galore, and you must not try to make sense of it all right away, but instead allow the author to take you on an adventure until all the answers are found. Characterization is wonderful. Jack Rogan does not dominate the story, and I thoroughly enjoyed Jana Gonski and the other supporting characters. Farago will take you inside the minds of terrorists and criminals and the mystery underlying everything will keep you turning pages to see where it’s all leading. And you won’t be disappointed. This is a well-written book that you can look forward to reading every time you put it down… if you can put it down. Highly recommended.

~Reviewed by Eeva Lancaster for Readers’ Favorite

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