The Forgotten Painting


“Powerful and gripping story. The Forgotten Painting is without a doubt the best novella I have ever read. This powerful and gripping story had me totally engaged from cover to cover.
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“This book is extremely well written and plotted. The fascinating provenance of the painting is very well illustrated. It is absolutely entrancing.”

“This is a terrific short story, full of atmosphere and page-turning mystery. For such a short story, the plot has more twists and turns than one normally finds in a much longer mystery novel.”

“Very seldom does a story capture my emotions as deeply as this one did.”

"This is truly a page~turner, one of the best fiction I have read from new authors this side of the 21st century."

“Farago's skill at characterisation is second to none.”

“This novel has strong, well developed characters and an interesting story line that keeps you turning the pages..”

“Gripping Tale of Mystery and Death!.”

“The most riveting and gripping novella I have ever read! A stand-alone novella that also intrigues the reader from cover-to-cover, chapter-to-chapter, page-to-page.”

“Gabriel Farago once again hits a home run with this historical thriller. Farago’s writing style is smooth and detailed making him an excellent story teller. Farago is like an artist building his story carefully and prepping his readers with the same intensity that an artist prepares his canvas and applies ink to the brush making his art visible and captivating!”

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Amazon Bestselling and Multi-Award-Winning Book

Readers' Favorite Gold Award
Fiction Short Story/Novella Category

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The Forgotten Painting (A Jack Rogan Mysteries Novella)

A desperate letter. A dark family secret. A hidden past.

When a rabbi in Prague throws celebrated author and Australian journalist Jack Rogan a challenge, he is irresistibly drawn into a baffling mystery and begins to investigate.

Joining forces with Tristan, a remarkable young man with psychic powers, Rogan embarks on a journey of discovery that takes him into hidden corners of a violent past where unspeakable atrocities cost the lives of thousands.

Following hidden clues that point to a dark family secret reaching to the very top of the Catholic Church, Jack follows the trail of a lost letter dispatched from a Nazi concentration camp to tell the world what had happened.

Can Jack solve the mystery and deliver a long-lost letter before the voices crying from mass graves are silenced forever, or will humanity be deprived of a warning it cannot afford to ignore?


Warsaw Ghetto: 15 May 1943

The major looked at the devastation around him, and smiled. It was over. The uprising that had begun on 19 April 1943 had been crushed. His superiors would be pleased. Streets littered with corpses, smouldering ruins and the stench of death was all that remained of the once crowded ghetto. A gentle rain had made the pools of congealed blood on the pavements slippery. Grey skies wept, lamenting the senseless brutality and slaughter. The major’s men, all SS, were methodically searching every building for the few remaining survivors who had gone into hiding. Everyone else was either dead, or had already been deported to concentration camps.

    ‘Herr Sturmbannfuehrer, in here!’ shouted one of the major’s men, waving from the other side of the street. ‘We found some.’ The major crossed the road and followed the man into the building. ‘They were hiding under the floorboards,’ continued the officer, ‘a whole family. Quite ingenious.’

    The major looked at the bearded man sitting next to a frightfully thin woman and three children—two boys and a girl—cowering on the floor in front of him. The man was clutching a violin case to his chest. ‘Your name’, demanded the major.

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