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A murdered tsarina. A lost musical masterpiece. A stolen Russian icon. Can Jack honour a promise made a long time ago, and solve an age-old mystery?

When acclaimed Australian journalist and author Jack Rogan inherits an old music box with a curious letter hidden inside, he decides to investigate. As he delves deeper into a murky past of secrets and violence, he soon discovers that he’s not the only one interested in solving the puzzle.
Frieda Malenkova, a ruthless art dealer, and Victor Sokolov, a Russian billionaire with a dark past, will stop at nothing to achieve their deep desires and foil Jack’s valiant struggle to uncover the truth.
Joining forces with Mademoiselle Darrieux, a flamboyant Paris socialite, and Claude Dupree, a retired French police officer, Jack enters a dangerous world of unbridled ambition, murder and greed that threatens to destroy him.
On a perilous journey that takes him deep into Russia, Jack follows a tortuous path of discovery, disappointment and betrayal that brings him face to face with his destiny.
Will Jack unravel the hidden clues left behind by a desperate empress? Can he save the precious legacy of a genius before it’s too late, and return a holy icon revered by generations to where it belongs?

The Lost Symphony is the sixth standalone novel in the page-turning Jack Rogan Mysteries series.

If you enjoy historical mysteries based on meticulous research, fascinating characters, and edge-of-your seat excitement, then you’ll love Gabriel Farago’s latest action-thriller.

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The Lost Symphony: A Historical Mystery Thriller is the sixth book in the Jack Rogan Mysteries by Gabriel Farago, and you don’t need to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy this spellbinding story. Jack Rogan is an Australian journalist who inherits an old music box. A letter is hidden inside the box. When he decides to find out more about the music box, he quickly becomes entangled with powerful people who are after what he has — an art dealer, Frieda Malenkova, will kill for it and a billionaire, Victor Sokolov, will stop at nothing to have it. Jack knows very little and that alone is frustrating and dangerous. As he digs deeper, with the help of Mademoiselle Darrieux and Claude Dupree, a retired French police officer, he realizes that he is in very dangerous waters. His journey unearths deep truths about a murdered tsarina and a relic that belongs to the heart of a revered tradition. Can he do what is right before someone else takes his life?

If you love stories that are well-plotted and characters that are unforgettable, then The Lost Symphony: A Historical Mystery Thriller is a must-read for you. Gabriel Farago is a terrific writer with a unique gift for plot and character. The author picks a seemingly insignificant relic and transforms it into an element that takes center-stage in a mysterious tale. Jack is a character that I adored and his curiosity, coupled with a hunger for truth, places him in an enviable, yet dangerous path where betrayal and greed are commonplace. The author weaves strong elements of history into the story, bringing to life rich Russian culture, creating characters with solid backgrounds, and skillfully developing a setting that feels both real and frightening. The narrative is filled with mystery, overflowing with action, and leads readers on a ride that is bursting with uncertainty. I enjoyed everything about this book, and the authorial prowess glows in this tale.

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite