Good old friends; a Writer’s Journey 3

    Riding boots and a hat; two good old friends. This is about the hat, not the boots, and the hat has a name – Dubbo. Curious? This is its story. Dubbo is an Akubra. ‘An Akubra?’ I hear you ask, ‘what’s that?’  Well, let me tell you: An Akubra is an Australian icon. […]

Winston carries the day. Brothers Grimm Challenge; part V

      You will remember Archie and I were sitting in my lounge room in Paddington, and Archie had just finished telling me about his adventures on Mount Wellington, the article in the Hobart paper, and the dire consequences of ignoring his wife’s advice. ‘I’m sorry it has all gone sour,’ I said, dreading […]

The Polar Wind and the Falcon. The Brothers Grimm Challenge; part IV

    As every experienced storyteller knows, after introducing the characters and ‘setting the scene,’ it’s time to move towards the punch line. The best way to do this? Build tension through anticipation. However, this is always the tricky bit and this was a multi-layered story. Looking around the room, I realised it was time […]

Showtime! The Brothers Grimm Challenge; part III

    The meal was surprisingly good. Somehow, Tom-Tom had managed to have a main course choice of Beef Wellington or Tasmanian Salmon — washed down with a selection of fine Tassie wines — put on the menu. The Tasmanian theme was part of my hidden strategy which would become apparent later. Just when I […]

The great day at last; The Brothers Grimm Challenge; part II

    I didn’t sleep a wink the night before the challenge. Turning restlessly in my bed, I went over my story time and time again until I was satisfied with every word and every phrase. Tom-Tom and our floor clerk had done a splendid job promoting our floor dinner. Wild rumours were circulating about […]

Archie on Mount Wellington? The Brothers Grimm Challenge; part I

  Mount Wellington; Hobart; Tasmania.            The challenge was definitely on. The whole floor was talking about it, and I had it on good authority that our floor clerk was running a book. Apparently, betting was solid, but I was certainly not the favourite…I had three days to come up with […]