Good old friends; a Writer’s Journey 3

    Riding boots and a hat; two good old friends. This is about the hat, not the boots, and the hat has a name – Dubbo. Curious? This is its story. Dubbo is an Akubra. ‘An Akubra?’ I hear you ask, ‘what’s that?’  Well, let me tell you: An Akubra is an Australian icon. […]

The Key to the Attic; a Writer’s Journey 1

    I can still remember my tenth birthday most vividly. It was the day I was given the key to my grandfather’s attic. The key was certainly impressive; heavy, intricate and huge, like the key of a castle gate, I thought at the time. And in some ways it was just that. It opened the […]

“LETTERS from the ATTIC” A free eBook for you

      LETTERS FROM THE ATTIC The real-life inspirations behind my international thriller   THE EMPRESS HOLDS THE KEY         Is now available as a FREE eBook and can be                           downloaded at It will soon also be available on Amazon and […]

Warrior-monks, a heretic king, and a French priest

  My grandfather’s journals remained unopened in his campaign chest for many years. When I finally returned to them — this time as an adult — I discovered an astonishing world of ideas and concepts dealing with some surprising subjects. These included an order of warrior-monks, a heretic king of ancient Egypt, and a French […]

The Officer and the Monk

                Buried deep down in one of my grandfather’s old army trunks — covered in cobwebs and almost hidden behind wooden beams in the back of the attic — I made a surprising discovery. I found his journals, a little mouldy and difficult to read, but otherwise intact. […]

The boy scout and the Pope

  I still remember that sunny spring afternoon very well. We were living in my grandfather’s hunting lodge in Austria at the time, and school had finished early that day. Our little group of six keen Hungarian boys scouts was meeting in the stone cottage by the old mill. Our leader had a surprise for […]