Neptune and the “Bombe Alaska;” part II

    Well, here it is at last; part II as promised. Once again, sorry for the delay. There’s only one word to describe sailing out of  Sydney Harbour at sunset; spectacular! Whilst the passengers lining the decks outside watched the HarbourBridge and the Opera House glide past, I was preparing my new workstation in the […]

Neptune and the “Bombe Alaska;” part I

  Working in swish hotels and restaurants during my university years turned out well for me. During the day, I was the full-time student haunting lecture theatres and libraries. In the evening, I transformed myself. I exchanged my tee shirt, joggers and jeans for my black trousers, polished shoes and tailored waistcoat and entered the […]

Grumpy and the Chateaubriand; part II

    You do remember where we left the story last week, don’t you? A group of eager American tourists looking for somewhere to have dinner had just burst into Grumpy’s empty dining room. Technically, the dining room was still open. Grumpy slid off the bar stool, adjusted his bowtie, and turned instantly into the […]