Zoo Magic; Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo

Impressions of a stroll through Taronga Zoo with my camera. These spectacular exhibits are part of the Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo 2017 – Lights For The Wild exhibition. Come with me and enjoy! I will let the images do the talking …

The Disappearance of Anna Popov; Chapter11; Rose Cottage, 21 February

  ‘Pagliacci and Bald Archy? What on earth was all that about?’ asked Rebecca, climbing stiffly off the chopper. She pulled off her helmet and gave it to Jack. ‘Here, I won’t be needing this again.’ ‘Just because he told me to come alone next time? You’re sulking, admit it.’‘Rubbish.’   ‘Come inside and I’ll […]

The Disappearance of Anna Popov; Chapter 8; Kuragin Chateau near Paris; 16 January

  8 Kuragin chateau near Paris, 16 JanuaryBy the time they crossed the moat it was already dark. Jack had insisted on renting a car at Paris airport and was driving.‘There it is,’ he said excitedly, pointing to the ivy-covered tower rising out of the mist ahead. ‘I told you I’d find it!’‘Taking the freeway wasn’t […]

The Disappearance of Anna Popov; Chapter 7; London, 14 January

London, 14 JanuaryBarely awake, Jack reached for the mobile ringing on his bedside table. ‘What time did you get in last night?’ Rebecca asked. ‘I was looking for you.’‘I had to put my flight back …’‘Any luck with Popov?’‘More than you can imagine. I’ll tell you at breakfast. What time is it?’‘Time to go shopping, […]