Professor K: The Final Quest; “Journey of the Book” 4

The ‘Journey of the Book” continues. This blog takes us to Venice and completes the story about the shocking event that occurred in the Topkai Palace in Istanbul on 16 January 1595, the night the sultan, Murad III died. The scene is now set for Jack Rogan’s next epic adventure – ‘Professor K: The Final […]


The woodcutter, the bear, and the kingI’m often asked: “what’s the meaning of that crest on the cover of your books?” Well, it’s my family crest, and it has quite a history. Let me tell you about it. The exact year has been lost, but it was around the 1460s. Hungary was a wild and […]


My Little Book of InspirationMy Little Book of Inspiration has been with me for a long time. I bought it in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul many years ago. What is it? Well, it’s a little leather-bound notebook with replaceable pages. It’s a cross between a diary, notepad, and sketchbook, I suppose. But it’s a […]

GABRIEL FARAGO – ON LAW and WRITING; an interview by Verushka Barlow

  Gabriel Farago is a lawyer with a career filled with potential ideas for any writer. He says on his website that he likes to weave fact and fiction into a seamless storyline, which means you’re not going to know what’s real and what’s not. Throw in a love for Egyptology, a degree in literature and […]