“If only more authors had such rich and intriguing backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of anecdotes from a family life full of warmth and incident.”


“ Exciting, Exhilarating, On the Edge of your seat thrilling!”

“These books are clean, well-written mysteries incorporating current issues into fast moving classic adventure stories. Purely top-shelf entertainment!”

“The plot and sub~plots of this work are so intricately woven into a beautiful work of art.”

“Farago is an awesome story teller

“Suspenseful, intrigue with a mix of ancient conspiracies!”

“This book has it all. Templars, Egyptian pharaohs, murderous pursuers, terrorists, fanatics, Nazis and some very tenacious and dedicated historians, journalists, doctors, musicians, heroes, villians and police officers.”

“Its no wonder Gabriel has won so many Awards for his historical amazing brilliantly written series! Every single one is fabulous!.”

“A Historical Mystery Thriller That Will Keep You Turning the Pages.”

“The character development is careful and deliberate revealing darkness and the depth of human souls.”

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Letters from the Attic

Real life inspiration behind the Jack Rogan Mysteries Series.

What you always wanted to know … Step into the attic where the Jack Rogan Mysteries were conceived and created, and discover the intriguing world of the best selling and multi-award-winning historical thriller writer.
As a young boy, Gabriel Farago was given the key to his grandfather’s attic. This magical place opened a world of literature, music and history to the inquisitive boy. Gabriel spent many hours in the attic listening to his grandfather’s records, reading his books, and trying to unravel his cryptic journals which many years later inspired the writing of The Empress Holds The Key, the first book in the Jack Rogan Mysteries series.
What goes on in the mind of a thriller writer? Where do authors draw their inspiration from? Becoming a writer doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It is a journey in itself that provides the material for the stories, and the rich tapestry of characters and settings that bring those stories so vividly to life.


Winston and the fire warden


To have your case adjourned on Monday morning after having worked through the entire weekend with little or no sleep, is every barrister’s nightmare. Sadly, that was exactly what happened to me on this occasion. I was staring down the barrel of a week without work. Bugger! Disappointed, I walked back to my chambers.

When I opened the door to my room, I noticed that the small portable TV that I kept on top of my drinks cabinet to watch the cricket was on. That’s strange, I thought, walking over to the cabinet to turn off the TV. Before I could reach for the switch, I heard a strange growl. Looking over my shoulder, I saw a small dog, eyes bulging with disapproval, staring at me. At first I didn’t trust my eyes, but when I turned around to face the strange visitor, there was no denying it: there was a dog sitting on my Chesterfield, watching television. Quite small, but feisty with a head that was a little too big, tiny ears, and a squashed nose that suggested that he liked to chase parked cars, he was snorting and making other obviously hostile noises. When I tried to reach for the switch again to turn off the TV, the growl became louder, and the hairs on his back began to bristle. Realising that confrontation wasn’t an option, I began to slowly back away towards the door.

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