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Author Interview – The Joys of Binge Reading

Gabriel Farago’s latest Jack Rogan thriller is a medical adventure that deals with the dark matter of the human genome and a visionary scientist with the power to change the future of medicine. Sounds like Sci Fi you think?  Well it’s not. It’s had approval from top cancer researchers.Jenny: Hi there, I’m your host Jenny Wheeler and today Gabriel tells us about the virtual reality game that’s helping make dark science real to ordinary people  – and why he thanks Dan ... Read more →

Zoo Magic; Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo

Impressions of a stroll through Taronga Zoo with my camera. These spectacular exhibits are part of the Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo 2017 - Lights For The Wild exhibition.Come with me and enjoy! I will let the images do the talking ...  Read more →

Enter to Win 50+ Crime Thrillers PLUS a Kindle Fire!

Once again, it gives me great pleasure to offer you something exciting to reward you for your ongoing encouragement and support.I have just teamed up with over fifty international crime thriller authors to give away a large collection of novels for two lucky winners to enjoy. In addition, the Grand Prize winner will receive a Kindle Fire! Not bad; right?Not only can you win a copy of my thriller - The Empress  Holds the Key - which is book one ... Read more →

Book Of The Day: The Hidden Genes of Professor K

Exciting stuff, my friends. ‘The Hidden Genes of Professor K’ was selected as’Book of the Day’ on Ereader News Today website at this link: was also pinned on their Facebook page Read more →

Professor K and the Stolen Recipes of Suleiman “Journey of the Book:” Research; Istanbul

Professor K and the Stolen Recipes of Suleiman “Journey of the book:” Research; IstanbulMy friends, you will recall that in my previous blog – Life after The Hidden Genes of Professor K – I promised you a literary adventure. I promised to take you on a journey – the “journey of the book”. Well, this is the beginning of our journey. I hope you enjoy the ride.As you know, I take research and authenticity very seriously and visit all the places ... Read more →
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