Attic Whispers and Journey of the Book: Part 2 [August Edition]

Greetings from my attic in the Blue Mountains!

This is the last newsletter I will be sending from the attic here in the Blue Mountains for a little while, because over the next two months we are going on an exciting journey, and you are coming with me! As I’ve mentioned before, we will start in Amsterdam and prepare the way for the release of the next book in the Jack Rogan Mysteries series. In each of the counties we will visit, we’ll be meeting readers like yourself, sign books, and address book clubs. This is always an exciting time for me, because it gives me an opportunity to connect with readers personally, and find out how my work resonates with them. And to do this in different countries and fascinating places like historic literary cafes, adds another dimension to this altogether. So, exciting times ahead.

But before we do that, I would like to share with you some extraordinary winter images from up here in the Blue Mountains. About a week ago, we had a cold front approach us from Antarctica and dump the heaviest snowfall in years. It happened during the night, and when I opened the blinds early in the morning I was greeted by something quite magic. The garden outside had been transformed into a winter wonderland. Here, let me show you:

You will remember, in the last newsletter I introduced a segment called the Journey of the Book, and we spoke about what was involved in preparing a book for publication. In this, the second part, I would like to tell you about what happens once the book is ready to be released: the launch campaign. This is very relevant right now, because we are about to embark on a launch campaign journey together. Many of you are of course already part of my Book Launch Team and have participated in a book launch and would therefore be familiar with what is involved. However, each book launch is different and has a number of important components and surprises I know you will find interesting.

Journey of the Book: the Launch Campaign

Put simply, just writing your book is not enough. You have written a masterpiece. Perhaps War and PeaceLord of the RingsGone With the Wind or To Kiss a Mockingbird? If no one gets to read it , it was all for nothing. It will remain on that lonely park bench, forgotten, and soon it will be covered in snow, lost forever. Every writer wants his work to be read. That’s what writing is all about. The thoughts and ideas in the author’s mind must reach the hearts and minds of others. How do we do this? We communicate: we transmit our ideas, thoughts and feelings to others. There are a number of ways we humans can do this. The writer does it through the written word, through language and writing.

The written word is one of the supreme achievements of man, and at no other time in human history has it been possible to reach so many, so quickly and with such ease as right now. To do this effectively, I promote a new book through a carefully constructed launch campaign, and try to involve readers like you from the very beginning.  Over the years, we have built up an extensive email list of subscribers who have shown interest in my books and become dedicated readers who support what I do. The launch campaign spans several weeks and has a number of exciting components involving giveaways and bonuses to reward my readers for their ongoing encouragement and support, and create interest in the book to come.

On this occasion, the launch campaign will begin in a slightly different way. It will start in Europe, and as I mentioned before, you are coming with me! We’ll visit many countries and exotic places like St Petersburg, Helsinki, Oslo, Berlin, Salzburg and Budapest just to mention a few.

If you are already part of my Book Launch Team, you will receive an advance readers copy (ARC) of the book prior to its release, for FREE of course! If you haven’t already joined the launch team, perhaps you would like to do so now? It’s very easy and you will instantly  become part of my ‘inner circle’ of readers and receive a number of exciting bonuses and enjoy some privileges not available to others. To join now, please visit the link below, and follow the prompts. Simple!

It would be an absolute pleasure to welcome you, and see you become part of the team.

Now for the fun bit: a new segment I have introduced especially for this book launch:

Over the next two months, the newsletter will focus on this segment and take you on an exciting journey through Europe to prepare the release of the new book. Apart from visiting the countries mentioned above, we will visit some of my favourite historic literary cafes, like the famous Cafe Americain in Amsterdam, and Cafe Gerbeaud in Budapest.

Cafe Americain has long been a gathering place for exiles and a haunt of artists. Its Art Deco interior has been preserved right down to the vaulted ceilings, leaded stained-glass windows and lighting. Klaus Mann, son of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Thomas Mann left Germany in 1933 to live in Amsterdam, where he edited the anti-Nazi journal Sammlung, often with the help of friends at the cafe.

The two cities of Buda and Pest, divided by the river Danube, have a long coffee-house tradition. In 1884, Emile Gerbeaud, a Geneva capitalist, opened a shop here and made it into one of Europe’s leading social meeting places. Some call  Gerbeaud the ‘queen of the city’s cafes’, for its beauty and because it was one of the most important rendezvous for the literati of Old Hungary at a time when Budapest’s cafes were among the best in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. My grandfather was a high-ranking officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, and Cafe Gerbeaud was one of his favourite haunts. It is mine too, and I very much look forward to visiting it again in October.

If you are interested, you can read about my grandfather and the influence he had on my writing in ‘Letters from the Attic’ a small collection of auto-biographical short stories you can download for free. You can do this right now by visiting this link.

BookFunnel: Click Here

These are just a few of the little gems we will explore together on this trip as part of our book launch campaign journey. So please, don’t forget to open your newsletter emails when you receive them, and please share them with your friends. After all, you are my valued Literary Ambassadors who spread the word about Jack Rogan and his many adventures – and very soon the word about a new book – to new readers. And please remember, nothing works better than a personal recommendation; YOURS!

Finally, my friends, just another little reminder about the FREE Starter Library which can be downloaded right now by visiting my website and following the prompts.

See you in Europe.

Bon Voyage!

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