Attic Whispers and The Year Ahead [January 2021 Edition]


Greetings from my attic in the Blue Mountains.

I’m sure all of you are as pleased as I am to have left the challenges of 2020 behind! I have no doubt that we can all look forward with some confidence to the new year as the vaccine is being rolled out, and we begin to get this dreadful virus under control.

Here in Sydney, we welcomed in the new year with our traditional, but much shorter and more subdued fireworks, ‘Covid 19 style’. No million plus spectator crowds lining Sydney Harbour, no spectator vessels jostling for the best vantage points, no popping champagne corks in front of the Opera House, but still a stunning display. Most of us watched the event on TV as we sent some spectacular fireworks images and New Year’s greetings around the world to celebrate hope, and a new beginning.



You will be pleased to hear that we have a lot of exciting things planned for this year. We will not allow the gloom hovering above our world get us down. On the contrary, I believe this is a time to be positive and to deliver some good news and entertainment that will make it easier to cope with the challenges that will no doubt come our way, and help us get through this. As far as I am concerned, I will try to do this through the world of books and send Jack Rogan – that incorrigible rascal –  and his mates along to cheer you up a little!

As I have told you before, we are planning to begin rolling out the Jack Rogan Mysteries series in audio this year. At last! I hear you say. This is a complex undertaking, especially with a series of this size and complexity. That said, all the necessary components are now in place, and we have engaged a wonderful narrator with a beguiling voice I know you will love.

And yes, a new book is on the way as well! Because of Covid 19 and the various lockdowns, I have spent most of my time last year up here in my attic in the Blue Mountains – writing – supervised by my feathered friends who are never far away when I work in the garden which is very close to a World Heritage National Park where these spectacular birds reside.



As you can imagine, there hasn’t been any overseas travel, nor will there be any this year either. However, some exciting ‘local’ trips are planned, and I will tell you a little more about this in our HOOKED on TRAVEL segment below.


One more important matter about last year has to be mentioned here:
I am pleased to tell you, that the release of the Lost Symphony in December has surpassed all expectations! The book has become an overnight #1 Bestseller on Amazon US and several other countries, with several hundred excellent reviews to ‘spread the word’ about the series. Needless to say, this would not have been possible without your wonderful support and participation in our book launch campaign. Therefore, once again, a big THANK YOU! to you all.



As a new book has just been added to the series and we are beginning a new year, we have updated and redesigned our website and social media banners. Here’s a little preview of the one we are proposing to use. Please let me know what you think of it, and how it resonates with you.

Does it convey mystery, style, originality, and most important of all quality? Would it tempt you to find out more about my books and the Jack Rogan Mysteries series?

Your opinion is important, and every voice counts! After all, you are part of the team! I look forward to hearing from you.

Before we turn to another segment, there is something I would like to share with you now, because I know that many of you will find this of interest. A short while ago, I recorded a Master Class on self-publishing as part of an adult education program. What surprised me was the enthusiastic reception of the program,  and the many emails I received asking questions about this, obviously highly relevant, topic. For that reason, I decided to include the video here, and you can see for yourself:



As this is our first newsletter of the year, I thought that a brief summary of what we are planning to do in 2021 is warranted. We will return to our usual, and very popular, segments like Hooked on Classics, and Crime of the Month soon, but with a much more condensed Hooked on Travel segment.

I will keep you informed about the new book which is already well underway, and share some exciting aspects of the new characters and storylines as they unfold and take shape up here in my attic. And of course I will keep you updated about our audio book plans.




But now, it’s definitely time for our Reader Of The Month segment.


As you know, interaction with my readership is hugely important to me.
I am very fortunate to receive many emails from dedicated readers every month. This makes selecting a Reader of the Month quite difficult, but on reflection, somehow one always stands you. This month, it was LeeAnn. This is what she had to say:

I’m out of Farago books!!

ok, I’ve read everything of yours I can find. I’m counting on you
to get a new book out!! I love this series! The stories are riveting,
the characters have become my friends.
Thank you for hours of fun!!

LeeAnn is definitely my kind of reader!


Because overseas travel from Australia seems very unlikely this year, I have decided to arrange some exciting travel ‘closer to home.’ What that means is this: Instead of traveling overseas for research and to visit the various places mentioned in the new book, we are going to share some exciting adventures right here in Australia!

The first one – planned for June – is the legendary ‘Ghan,’ one of the great train journeys of the world. It will take us from Adelaide in South Australia, on a three day, 3000 kilometre journey across the entire continent to Darwin, and you are coming with me!



Along the way, we will visit such exciting places as Alice Springs in the red centre of the continent, and then further towards the tropical north, we’ll  take a boat safari along  the spectacular Nitmiluk ( Katherine) Gorge and explore this ancient site.





From Darwin, we will visit Tiwi island in the Timor Sea with its fascinating Aboriginal art and culture … And all this is only one of the adventures planned for this year! So, as you can see, exciting times ahead!


Finally, my friends, just another little reminder about the FREE Starter Library which can be downloaded right now by visiting my website and following the prompts.
We are all in this together, and together we will get through this!


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