Attic Whispers from The Blue Mountains and Season’s Greetings [December 2022 Edition]

December 2022 NEWSLETTER

Attic Whispers from The Blue Mountains

SEASON’S GREETINGS from the Sydney ‘Gingerbread’ Opera House, my friends!

It’s that time of the year again. Difficult to believe, I know. The end of another eventful year. And what a year it’s been. While travel has unfortunately – due to various Covid 19 restrictions – been unavailable this year, it was still possible to do all the necessary research for the next book from right up here in the attic! The internet has been wonderful in that regard, providing access to just about every corner of the globe, every relevant museum and art collection, and every library needed to make writing this book possible.


That said, the research for this complex thriller has taken a lot longer than expected. This is the main reason we are publishing the book a little later than usual. The book will be released in April next year. The wait will be worth it; promise!

However, a year without travel had certain unexpected advantages. Because more time was spent up here in the attic than ever before, my team and I were able to design and launch a new website, and create a new, unique author platform. This has taken a huge amount of planning and challenging design work.


You will recall that we launched this exciting project in our previous newsletter, and I would invite you once again the visit the site by following the link below, and take advantage of our introductory discounts and many bonus offers.


The books and packages with all the special bonuses would make an excellent present for friends and family. After all, you are my valued literary ambassadors who spread the word about the Jack Rogan Mysteries, introduce new readers to the series, and invite fellow-readers to explore and enjoy Jack’s adventures. As this offer is available for a limited time only, please don’t delay.

If you act now, you and your friends can purchase anything on offer, including all packages, at a discount of 25% by using the coupon set out below, and following the link. I don’t want you or your friends to miss out! 


By using the coupon set out below and following the link. I am sure you will agree that this represents outstanding value. 


To activate the 25% discount, please scroll down to the payment section, insert Coupon Code: ULTIMATE25 and click Submit. 

A 25% discount will be applied. 

OR click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser:

But now, let’s turn to the subject you’ve all been waiting for:


The Next Book


You will recall that in our August Newsletter the title of the new book – THE STOLEN ALTARPIECE – was revealed together with The Author’s Note which provided some insight into the inspiration behind the exciting storylines and unique characters that have become the hallmark of the Jack Rogan Mysteries Series.


With that in mind, it’s time to reveal the all-important cover. I hope you like it.  Here it is:

As previously indicated, The Stolen Altarpiece, book eight in the series, is another epic, multi-layered, action-packed, mystery-thriller with fascinating characters and exciting storylines that reach far back into a violent past and explore subjects buried deep in the pages of history that will not only entertain you, but have you sitting at the edge of your seat, turning the pages.


Here’s the blurb that tells you a little of what you can expect:


A long-forgotten amulet. A holy relic. A stolen painting. One deadly geopolitical power-play.  


When celebrated journalist and author Jack Rogan discovers a hidden letter reaching out of the past, he unwittingly embarks on a quest to find a holy relic that has the power to fight evil.


On a perilous journey to the Middle East, Rogan soon crosses swords with an old adversary, who is determined to destroy him and those he holds dear.
Soon, a web of intriguing clues buried in a famous stolen painting point to Russia and the threat of war in Ukraine.

Joining forces with Tristan, a gifted psychic; Abbot Serapion, a Russian monk; and Sasha, the daughter of a Russian billionaire, Jack enters a dangerous geopolitical arena ruled by a deranged, corrupt man consumed by unbridled ambition and lust for power, who threatens to enslave a nation and destroy an entire country to satisfy his misguided vision of greatness.


Can Jack find a way to defeat the dark forces of evil and turn the tide of history before it’s too late, or will the horrors of war continue, and consume a people who dare to stand against tyranny and dream of freedom? 


In preparation for the release of the next book, I would once again like to remind you that The Stolen Altarpiece is a sequel to The Death Mask Murders, book seven in the series. As you will recall, I have released a novella earlier this year – The Postmaster of Treblinka – which has been carefully crafted to provide a helpful ‘link’  between the two books with interesting back stories that will not only pave the way for The Stolen Altarpiece, but significantly enrich your reading experience. I therefore strongly recommend that you read the novella before you immerse yourself in The Stolen Altarpiece and embark on your next epic reading adventure. You will not be disappointed; promise!

Those of you who haven’t already done so can obtain the novella directly from the author right now by following the link below. 


Click here to order your copy of The Postmaster of Treblinka directly from the author.


To make waiting for the release of the book in April a little more interesting and rewarding, I would like to offer you the opportunity to be among the very first to read it.


THE STOLEN ALTARPIECE, is now available on Amazon for pre-order!


By following the link below, you can now pre-order the new book for $0.99 which is an exceptional value (Save $5.00). 


Click here to pre-order your copy of The Stolen Altarpiece from Amazon for $0.99 


Launching a new book is a challenging and complex task. Every author approaches the release of a new book with some trepidation. Pre-orders and reviews are an important part of the publication process, have a bearing on the book’s ranking, and significantly assist in reaching best-seller status. I have no doubt that as a member of my inner circle of dedicated readers, you would like to be part of this and make the publication of the book a success. So please, place your pre-order now. Jack’s next adventure is waiting… 


Finally, my friends, a big thank you for all your wonderful support throughout the year, and for being such inspirational ‘literary ambassadors’ in a competitive marketplace where excellence is the only way to stand out and succeed.


The international literary awards The Jack Rogan Mysteries have received this year would not have been possible without the countless reviews posted by you on various platforms around the globe. And that recognition and encouragement is what keeps the flame of creativity burning up here in the attic long after the rest of the world has gone to sleep.


I wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable Festive Season and safe holidays. And most importantly, may all your dreams and wishes come true in the New Year.


Gabriel Farago

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