Attic Whispers from The Blue Mountains [December 2023 Edition]

December 2023 NEWSLETTER

Greetings from my attic in the Blue Mountains!

Dear Friends!

As the end of the year is now rapidly approaching, it is a good time to reflect on what we’ve achieved in 2023. And what an exciting year it’s been, with two book launches, and many other highlights we have shared.

The launch of The Stolen Altarpiece in April – book 8 in the series – definitely stands out. It was an unprecedented, worldwide success which has only been possible because of your dedication and unwavering support. Posting hundreds of reviews on various platforms worldwide has made this release a global achievement.

But that was just the beginning. Soon, the book attracted the attention not only of readers but also of judges overseeing literary awards.

Since its release in April, the book has received five literary awards, which makes The Stolen Altarpiece our most successful book to date. Here, let me tell you what they are:

First, the book was awarded a Gold Medal by Readers’ Favorite in the political thriller fiction category in the US. I have already told you about this in my previous newsletter.

Then came a Gold Medal in the Global Book Awards also in the US.

But this wasn’t all. The icing on the literary cake was still to come – 3 separate awards in the International Author Network Book of the Year Awards in November.

Here, let me share the announcement letter with you. After all, you are part of this success:

Hello Gabriel

We are pleased to announce that your book, The Stolen Altarpiece is a winner in the 2023 IAN Book of the Year Awards. 

After the first-round of judging, The Stolen Altarpiece was selected as a finalist in three categories: “Historical Fiction,” “Action/Adventure,” and “Mystery.” 

After the second-round of judging, The Stolen Altarpiece was selected as the “Outstanding Mystery” Category Winner and the “Outstanding Action/Adventure” Category Winner. 

When judging completed, The Stolen Altarpiece was chosen as the Grand Prize First Place: Fiction Book of the Year Winner.

We congratulate you on this excellent achievement.

A “Book of the Year: First Place” badge is attached. 


William Potter
The 10th Annual IAN Book of the Year Awards

Reflecting on an eventful year, I am delighted to share the success of not only “The Stolen Altarpiece” but also the recent launch of “Murder on the Ghan,” my fourth novella. Your wonderful support transformed these releases into another significant international accomplishment.


A crucial factor behind this success lies in the hundreds of reviews generously shared by you across platforms such as Amazon, BookBub, and Goodreads. These reviews, spanning multiple countries, contributed to the novella’s international acclaim, marking another milestone in our literary journey.

Together, we’ve turned these book launches into a significand global achievement that transcends borders.

This endeavor was a collective effort. Each one of you is a dedicated reader and follower of my work, and your contributions have played a pivotal role in making this accomplishment possible.

As we celebrate this success, I express my sincere gratitude for your continued support. Your enthusiasm and dedication have made a lasting impact, and I look forward to many more literary adventures together in the new year. It will be exciting; promise!

Warm regards, and Compliments of the Season to you all.


Gabriel Farago

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