Attic Whispers from the Blue Mountains [May 2022 Edition]


Attic Whispers from The Blue Mountains

Autumn is my favourite season(s) of the year. Because we have lots of deciduous trees and shrubs in our cool climate garden up here in the Blue Mountains, the display of colour can be quite dazzling. With striking reds and yellows and many shades of rust and gold, the entire mood in the garden is changing and putting on a stunning display before the bleak winter steps in, banishing all colour and replacing it with monotone hues of grey, shrouded in fog. That too has its charm, but it cannot rival autumn. This is why. Here, let me show you:



The autumn view from my attic where I do most of my writing, is quite something this time of year; have a look.




Judging from the many emails I’ve recently received, one question seems to be on everyone’s mind: when will the next book in the series be released?
As the middle of the year is racing towards us, it’s definitely time for an update. As you will see in a moment, a lot has been happening up here in my attic…Once or twice my keyboard almost caught fire!
Not only has The Death Mask Murders -book 7 in the Jack Rogan Mysteries Series – been very well received, it has created a lot of new interest and anticipation in the series generally. In short, my readership is rapidly expanding globally in a way that is surpassing expectations. I believe this is in no small way due to the fact that the book ended with a cliff-hanger, acting as a clear indication that a sequel would follow. After all, curiosity is the mother of page-turning fiction, right?
I’m pleased to tell you that you will not be disappointed! The next book is indeed a sequel just like Professor K: The Final Quest, was a sequel to The Hidden Genes of Professor K. I will tell you more about the new book as we approach publication.
Most of you would be familiar with The Forgotten Painting, a novella I released just before Professor K: The Final Quest was published. Not only did this novella provide further insights into some of the key characters in the series, but the storyline acted as a ‘link’ between two books that were connected. This made following the sequel a lot easier and meaningful.
For these reasons, I’ve decided to approach the sequel to The Death Mask Murders I am working on right now, in the same way.

I am pleased to announce that another novella has just been completed, and will be released shortly!

Introducing, The Postmaster of Treblinka



A Note from the Author

As The Jack Rogan Mysteries Series has reached another milestone with seven books and two novellas – a body of work that now encompasses more than 3500 paperback pages – a brief explanation of the idea behind this novella is warranted.
While all the books in the series stand alone and can be read as such, all of them are of course interrelated, and readers familiar with all the books who have perhaps read them in chronological order, will have a much more satisfying reading experience, and get a great deal more out of the series generally.
The idea behind the novellas is straightforward and clear: The novellas are there to further enhance that reading experience by ‘branching out’ and exploring aspects of Jack Rogan’s life and the lives of other key characters which in the context of the main novels just isn’t possible.
The best way to illustrate this is to consider the series as a large tree with many branches. The main books in the series are the trunk and the main branches. The novellas are smaller branches and twigs that give the tree character and charm.
Encouraged by the way the first novella, The Forgotten Painting (2016) which has won several major literary awards was received, I soon turned my mind to another one, The Kimberley Secret, released in 2018.  Because I enjoy a close relationship with many of my readers and listen to their suggestions and requests, I used this novella to explore aspects of Jack Rogan’s earlier life. His childhood, his family, in short, the building blocks of his character and personality my readers have grown to love.
That said, there was another important reason behind releasing the novellas: to introduce new readers to the series, and showcase my writing.
The idea behind this novella, the third, is no different, but the way I have approached the subject matter requires some explanation.
In essence, the storyline reaches back to The Forgotten Painting, and follows the life of David Herzl, the Wold War II master-forger of Warsaw. In order to do this in a meaningful way, I have introduced some ‘flashback’ material taken from the first novella and a number of other books in the series to provide a meaningful link to the characters and the storylines featured there.
To do this effectively without tedious repetitions is never easy, and I have addressed this issue by using ‘flashback chapters with a twist’ taken directly from The Forgotten Painting. Readers familiar with that novella will be reminded of what occurred then, and new readers who read the novella as a ‘standalone’ experience, will be assisted in following the plot.
That said, in the end what really matters here is the quality of the reading experience. Hopefully, The Postmaster of Treblinka will become another exciting branch of the main tree to entertain you, and provide further insights into the lives and tribulations of the main characters featured in the series.
Enjoy the journey!

                                                                                          Gabriel Farago

                               Leura, Blue Mountains; Australia: 1 February 2022

More information about the novella and the new book will be released in the upcoming newsletters as we get closer to the publication dates.
In the interim, it gives me great pleasure to turn to one of my favourite segments: Reader of The Month.



To begin with, a big Thank You! to all of you who have recently responded to my request for a brief ‘video review,’ and have given their permission for us to use those reviews in our upcoming restructure of our website. Greatly appreciated!
Reviews from dedicated readers are the best way by far to promote my work and expand my readership, and ‘video reviews’ are a new and very effective vehicle we can use to do just that. It is for that reason that I have decided to include video reviews in our Reader of the Month nomination from now on.

While all the reviews I’ve received were excellent, one or two always stand out. This is a review from Paul Bennington (UK) one of my dedicated readers and a valued member of my Book Launch Team. This is what Paul had to say:

If any of you are tech-savvy and would like to dabble in a video review like Paul did so ably, I would be absolutely delighted! As a small token of my appreciation, you would receive an Advance Review Copy of The Postmaster of Treblinka, and would of course be in the running for Reader of the Month.



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