Attic Whispers from The Blue Mountains [September 2023 Edition]

September 2023 NEWSLETTER

Greetings from my attic in the Blue Mountains!

For a keen gardener like me, spring is without doubt the most exciting time of the year. It’s the time when the garden rewards us for all the care and nurture with an explosion of colour, rejuvenation, and visual pleasure that stimulates the senses and fills our hearts with joy. Here, let me show you what I mean:

Weather permitting, I do a lot of writing in the garden with curious visitors to keep an eye on what I’m going…

The Stolen Altarpiece wins an international literary award in the US.

I have something exciting to share with you, my friends. The Stolen Altarpiece has just won a gold medal in the prestigious Readers’ Favorite Literary Awards in the US. 

This would not have been possible without your wonderful support, especially the many enthusiastic reviews posted by you. Publishing in this highly competitive market is a team effort. For that reason, this award belongs to all of us. Thank you!

The Forgotten Painting; our first audiobook

Firstly, a big ‘thank you’ for your helpful feedback regarding The Forgotten Painting, our first audiobook. Julian Pulvermacher’s beguiling voice has been very well received and Julian is, without doubt, the perfect choice as our resident narrator of the Jack Rogan Mysteries Series.


We still have a number of coupons to give away should you have missed out, and would like to listen to the complete novella, for free of course. If you are interested, please let me know, and I will send you the coupon. 


There is only one small request associated with this: Could you please leave an audiobook rating on Spotify for me? This is easy to do, and we will send you instructions on how to do this. 


Next year will be very exciting, my friends. Preparing the series in audio is a huge project which requires a lot of planning and logistical support from recording studios and experienced technicians, and of course the watchful eye of the author who makes it all possible.


That said, you have been patiently waiting for a long time for this. For that reason, my publishing team and I are delighted to tell you that finally, we are prepared and ready to present The Jack Rogan Mysteries Series in audiobook format. We are planning to do this gradually, one book at a time, and will of course keep you informed about release dates etc.

Introducing: Listener of the Month

Because audiobooks represent a new and quite different market for us, we thought it appropriate to introduce a Listener of the Month feature in our newsletters.

This will of course be in addition to our popular Reader of the Month segment which has been part of our newsletters for a long time. 

Drum roll please!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the inaugural Listener of the Month for September.

While many of you have left ratings on Spotify, some of you have gone a step further and left actual reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. One of those wonderful ‘listeners’ was Andrea who left this review on Amazon and Goodreads:


“The audio version of The Forgotten Painting by Gabriel Farago is outstanding.  Not only is it filled with the adventures and discoveries of Jack Rogan, but Gabriel does so much research on the history of what he is writing about that it all comes alive for you.  His descriptions of the locations create wonderful visualizations for your imagination. And the narration by Julian Pulvermacher is excellent.  What an amazing speaking voice he has, especially with all the different accents and voices he creates for the various characters.

Even though I had read the written version of this book, this audio version made the story so much more exciting.  I couldn’t stop listening and completed the book in one sitting. Thank you Gabriel for this treat. Looking forward to more audio version of the Jack Rogan Mysteries.”


Your eloquent and enthusiastic review, Andrea, is telling us that we are definitely on the right track here, and that Julian will be an outstanding VOICE for the series. Thank you for going the extra mile! It is for that reason, that you are our FIRST Listener of the Month! Congratulations!

As we approach Christmas, my friends, we have something exciting planned for you. Curious? I hope so! 

Very soon, we’ll be announcing the release of another exciting Jack Rogan adventure I am sure you will enjoy! 

Nail-biting action, fascinating characters, and exotic locations that will have you sitting on the edge of your seats await once more! 

So please, keep an eye out for our announcement and make sure you open my next email. I would hate you to miss out on the surprises we have in store for you…



Gabriel Farago

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