Archie on Mount Wellington? The Brothers Grimm Challenge; part I

The challenge was definitely on. The whole floor was talking about it, and I had it on good authority that our floor clerk was running a book.Apparently, betting was solid, but I was certainly not the favourite…I had three days to come up with plan and a great story to unseat Marcus. Marcus was one of the originalBrothers Grimm, and had never been defeated! I must have been out of my mind to challenge him. Something very special and original ... Read more →

“Blame it on the Grange!”

It was all Tom-Tom’s fault. A cunning setup, that’s what it was. I’m sure of it. For years, they’ve been looking for a challenger. You want to find out what happened? All right; sit back, it’s quite a story.I noticed something was wrong the moment I walked into my chambers; my colleagues were looking at me in a weird kind of way. Smirking, sniggering, shaking of heads with a little finger pointing, raised eyebrows; you get my drift? Confirmation came ... Read more →


Every year close to the Winter Solstice, the Winter Magic Festival is celebrated in the Blue Mountains. This year’s festival was very special; it commemorated the bicentenary of the Blue Mountains Crossing. Excellent winter weather and record crowds made sure that the festival was a great success.Many arrived by steam train from Sydney. A popular and nostalgic experience.Others arrived in style … to watch the parade! Read more →

LARAPINTA TRAIL; the ultimate Australian long distance hiking adventure

Larapinta Trail? What is it? It's a spectacular long distance walking track in Central Australia. It begins at the old Telegraph Station in Alice Springs and extends over 223 Kilometres along the backbone of the breathtaking West MacDonnell Ranges and ends at Mount Sonder.This spectacular part of the country is of great spiritual significance to the Western Arrente Aboriginal people who have been the custodians of this ancient land for thousands of years. I have been fortunate to recently walk ... Read more →

Sydney Harbour Magic

Circular QuayEvery year around this time, Sydney is transformed at night by an explosion of light and colour. I just had to share this with you. Here, have a lookOpera HouseFor the next two weeks I’ll be unable to entertain you with my regular Friday blogs. Why? Because I’ll be hiking through the desert in Central Australia from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder. This is the spectacular Larapinta Trail run by World Expeditions. However, I promise to make it up ... Read more →
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