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On 29th April 2023, Gabriel Farago was featured as Author of the Day at the website.

Gabriel Farago is the USA TODAY Bestselling and Multi-Award-Winning Australian Author of the Jack Rogan Mysteries Series for the thinking reader. Gabriel holds degrees in literature and law, speaks several languages and takes research and authenticity very seriously. Inquisitive by nature, he studied Egyptology and learned to read the hieroglyphs. He travels extensively and visits all of the locations mentioned in his books. Gabriel lives in the Blue Mountains in Australia, just outside Sydney, surrounded by a World Heritage National Park. If you like historical thrillers, excitement, mystery, and suspense; if you enjoy exotic settings, colourful characters and fast-paced action; if you want to learn about interesting, well-researched subjects that tease your intellect and imagination, then once your step inside, Gabriel will show you his world; the world of the storyteller. Gabriel lives in the Blue Mountains in Australia, just outside Sydney, surrounded by a World Heritage National Park. As our Author of the Day, he tells us about his book, The Stolen Altarpiece.

Please give us a short introduction to what The Stolen Altarpiece is about.

Perhaps the best and most effective way to introduce the book is through its blurb. A compelling blurb creates interest and curiosity without giving too much away:

A long-forgotten amulet. A stolen painting. A dark threat reignited—one deadly geopolitical power-play.

Jack Rogan’s discovery of a hidden letter reaching out of the past unwittingly embarks the journalist into a dangerous quest to find a holy relic that has the power to fight evil.

As he follows a web of intriguing clues that take him on a dangerous journey to the Middle East, Rogan soon crosses swords with an old adversary, determined to destroy him and those he holds dear.

Soon, secrets buried in a famous stolen painting point to Russia and the threat of war in Ukraine. Joining forces with Tristan, a gifted psychic; Abbot Serapion, a Russian monk; and Sasha, the daughter of a Russian billionaire, Jack enters a dangerous geopolitical arena ruled by a deranged, corrupt man consumed by unbridled ambition and lust for power, who threatens to enslave a nation and destroy an entire country to satisfy his misguided vision of greatness.

Can Jack find a way to defeat the dark forces of evil and turn the tide of history before it’s too late, or will the horrors of war continue and consume a people who dared to stand against tyranny and dream of freedom?

THE STOLEN ALTARPIECE is the eighth standalone historical mystery thriller in the page-turning Jack Rogan Mysteries Series.

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