Life after The Hidden Genes of Professor K



Life after The Hidden Genes of Professor K…

Firstly, a big ‘thank you’ to all my readers for their encouragement and support, comments and wonderful reviews since the release of the book late last year.

The greatest sense of satisfaction a writer can strive for is positive feedback. Well, my friends, I’m delighted to tell you that not only has The Hidden Genes of Professor K been well received – especially in the US, Europe and Australia – but it appears to have been embraced by the medical fraternity. In fact, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the book’s reception in that regard.

One of the main aims of writing a medical thriller was to create awareness of complex medical research and the breathtaking progress and breakthroughs that are happening almost daily. We are living in extraordinary times that will change the way we treat disease and look at our lives and futures forever.

Writing The Hidden Genes of Professor K was inspired by a statement made by Professor Mattick, one of Australia’s leading scientists and executive director of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research here in Sydney. Professor Mattick believes that we are the last generation to die of cancer, because those coming after us will die with cancer. Certainly something to think about – right?

The feedback and reviews I have received so far, especially from scientists, have one thing in common: a request for a sequel! I must admit, I was quite surprised by this, as medical research and complex science are not subjects that are usually found in thrillers that appeal to a wide readership. Be that as it may, I did discuss this request with the scientists who so generously assisted me with the writing of The Hidden Genes of Professor K, and it soon became apparent that a sequel was definitely warranted in the circumstances and would resonate with my readers.

I am therefore pleased to announce that a sequel is not only under consideration, but in the process of being written! The title? Professor K : The Final Quest. Intrigued? I hope so!

Because the very idea of a sequel has been suggested by you, my valued readers, I have decided to make you part of the journey of the book from the very beginning. You will therefore gain insight into the creative process of writing a thriller and learn firsthand about the astonishing science we’ll discover as we go along. In addition, you will meet some interesting new characters, visit exotic locations and follow me on a literary adventure that will have you perched on the edge of your seat. Together we will delve deep into history and research some little known gems of the past that will surprise and shock you to the core. I hope this will make the book more interesting and enjoyable, and the fascinating science we will explore together easier to understand and appreciate.

The main purpose of writing The Hidden Genes of Professor K was to draw attention to cutting-edge medical research and where it is heading. I sincerely hope that Professor K: The Final Quest, will not only do the same, but build on this and open another window into the exciting world of genomics and science generally. Interested? I’m sure you are.

So please, come along for the ride. I can promise you one thing: it won’t be boring!

You are invited.

Gabriel Farago
Leura; Blue Mountains
March, 2017


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