New Release: Jack Rogan Mysteries Starter Library



So, what exactly is a STARTER LIBRARY? I hear you ask. Well, it’s a way to introduce myself and what I do to new readers, and create interest in my writing. How? By providing little insights into my world, and the creative process involved in becoming an international thriller writer. Intrigued? I hope so!
Looking back, I started this process quite some time ago with Letters From The Attic, a charming autobiographical collection of short stories, which I released at the same time The Empress Holds the Key – Book 1 in the Jack Rogan Mysteries series – was published. This was then followed by The Forgotten Painting, a novella, in 2017 which was not only well received, but was awarded a gold medal by Readers’ Favorite in its 2018 Literary Awards in the US, and voted “Outstanding Novella of 2018” by IAN ( Independent Author Network) also in the US.

The idea behind the novella was to showcase my writing, and create interest in the Jack Rogan Mysteries series which by then consisted of three books. Like Letters From The Attic, the novella was also given away for free to reward my readers for their encouragement and support.
Because I always listen to my readers and ask them to interact with me, two additional pieces were recently released for free namely, the Main Characters Study, and The Kimberley Secret, a novella, which represents a much-needed prequel to the Jack Rogan Mysteries series.

So, here’s the new STARTER LIBRARY for you to enjoy. For FREE of course. Please share it with our friends. You can download it right now. I hope you find it informative, and entertaining.




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