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The Disappearance of Anna Popov will be released in November. However, before the book is published, I have a little surprise for you, my friends. For the next two months, we’ll go on an exciting journey through Europe to prepare the way for the release of the book, and you are coming with me!


We’ll travel from London to Istanbul and visit Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, Salzburg, Budapest and of course Istanbul, just to mention a few of our wonderful destinations along the way.

An important part of this journey will be to visit the great literary cafes of Europe and explore their colourful history.


Our journey will then bring us back to Sydney early in November, in time for the publication of the book.May I therefore invite you to come along as there will be many exciting blogs for you to enjoy. And please remember, all this will happen in addition to our regular pre-publication Friday book preview blogs, where you can read one chapter of The Disappearance of Anna Popov each week for free before it is released. Exciting times ahead; promise!

PS Don’t forget to visit us again next Friday for your next instalment of The Disappearance Of Anna Popov. Or better still, may I invite you to sign up for our blogs, Letters from the Attic, and you will be notified when a new one is due. That way, you will never miss out!



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