Official Launch of ‘The Hidden Genes of Professor K’


Dear friends!

Exciting news; the big day has finally arrived! We are ‘formally’ launching The Hidden Genes of Professor K today, and you are invited to participate.

To celebrate the launch of the book, you can download The Hidden Genes of Professor K for the special launch price of only 99c. This will be available for a  strictly limited time only, so please don’t delay. I would be grateful if you  could tell your friends  about this opportunity and share it on your social media sites. Launching a new book is a team effort, and I consider you part of the team.

For those of you who haven’t been introduced to The Hidden Genes of Professor K as yet, here’s something to pique your interest:

World-renowned scientist, Professor K knows he’s close to a ground-breaking discovery. He also knows he’s dying. With his last breath he anoints Dr Alexandra Delacroix as his successor and pleads with her to carry on his work. Delacroix unwittingly enters a dangerous world of unbridled ambition and greed that threatens to destroy her. Desperate and alone, she turns to celebrated author and journalist, Jack Rogan.

Alistair Macbeth, self-made billionaire and enigmatic founder of Blackburn Pharmaceuticals, has a murky past. He knows he must secure Professor K’s discovery for his empire, or perish. Powerful and ruthless, he will stop at nothing to achieve his dark and deep desires.

Meanwhile, when the parents of a famous rock star, Isis, are brutally murdered, Jack Rogan is asked to investigate.

On a perilous journey of discovery that takes them around the globe, Jack and Lola Rodriguez—Isis’ resourceful PA—join forces with Jana Gonski, a former police officer; Dr Bettany Rosen, a tireless campaigner for the destitute and forgotten; and Tristan, a gifted boy with psychic powers. Together, they expose a complex web of fiercely guarded secrets and heinous crimes of the past that can ruin them all and change history.

Will Rogan succeed? Will the dreams of a visionary scientist with the power to change the future of medicine fall into the wrong hands, or will his genius benefit mankind and prevent untold misery and suffering for generations to come?

The Hidden Genes of Professor K is available now on Amazon at the following links:
 You can view the official trailer here:
It is readers like you who make it all worthwhile.
Happy Reading!
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