LARAPINTA TRAIL; the ultimate Australian long distance hiking adventure

  Larapinta Trail? What is it? It’s a spectacular long distance walking track in Central Australia. It begins at the old Telegraph Station in Alice Springs and extends over 223 Kilometres along the backbone of the breathtaking West MacDonnell Ranges and ends at Mount Sonder.         This spectacular part of the country […]

Farewell to New Zealand; editing in paradise comes to an end.

  Once upon a Friday Blog is late …Sorry. A little cyber glitch in New Zealand. Also, I have to disappoint you about Neptune and the Bombe Alaska; part II. It will have to wait until NEXT Friday, but I’ll make it up to you; I promise! After 16 wonderful days, the Editing in Paradise […]

A glimpse into the realm of Hobbits, Wizards and Orcs …

  Where is Part II of Neptune And The Bombe Alaska, I hear you say. Well, I have to apologise. It isn’t quite finished yet . The trip to New Zealand got in the way. However,  Part II will follow soon; I promise! This week’s  Once upon a Friday story will be a little different. […]