Attic Whispers and Hooked on Classics [February 2020 Edition]

Greetings from my attic in the Blue Mountains!And then the rains came ...What a difference a few weeks can make! Most of the dreadful fires on the east coast of Australia have been extinguished, and after several months of fighting monster blazes, the firefighters can finally take a much deserved rest. The dams are filling up, the waterfalls are cascading again, and the long road to recovery has begun.Unfortunately, however, the long overdue monsoon rains coming down from the tropics ... Read more →

Attic Whispers from the Blue Mountains [January 2020 Edition]

Thousands of volunteer firefighters battled these blazes for weeks, but unfortunately, many of them were just too big and out of control. Firefighters from around the globe reached out, and came to help. The US and Canada in particular, sent most needed assistance and the firefighters were welcomed with open arms.This deserves a big Thank You! for a helping hand when it was needed most.Up here at home in the Blue Mountains, we were surrounded by huge fires for several weeks ... Read more →

Attic Whispers Surrounded by Fire! Launch Update and Announcing Winners [December 2019 Edition]

Greetings from my attic in the Blue Mountains surrounded by fire!Many of you would have heard about the bushfire crisis on the east coast of Australia. More than a hundred fires are currently raging and many are huge, and out of control. Unfortunately, the stunning Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park is well known for its bushfires, but there can be little doubt that climate change is definitely playing a big part and making things worse. To give you an ... Read more →

‘The Curious Case of the Missing Head’ PRE-ORDER GIVEAWAY

THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE MISSING HEAD: A MEDICAL MYSTERY THRILLERI’ve been waiting a long time for this special moment …In a few days, my new book – The Curious Case of the Missing Head – will be published and you, my friends, will share in some exciting bonuses and surprises I have in store for you during the lead up to its release.As a celebration, I have some exclusive bonuses for you leading up to the launchJust click on this link to ... Read more →

Attic Whispers Brought to You from Europe, Part 2 [October 2019 Edition]

Greetings from Europe!The journey continues. I am writing to you from the train from Vienna to Budapest. Our journey from St Petersburg to Budapest is reaching its final stage. But before I tell you about that, I must share with you some of the exciting places we visited along the way. After leaving Russia, we travelled briefly to Helsinki to attend a Sibelius concert and then returned to Denmark to meet with a Danish book club in the colourful Tivoli Gardens to ... Read more →
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